Future Innovators Bootcamp

Experience The Future World Of Technology with A.I. Assisted Game Development.

The Mission

Future Ride

Unbeknownst to them, these students have just enlisted in the Cosmic Defenders, an elite force charged with protecting the universe from the chaos of time travel anomalies and other mysterious dangers. Little did they realize when they stepped onto what seemed an innocuous amusement park ride, they were actually signing up for an adventure spanning the cosmos. As the newly minted defenders, they find themselves as the sole members of this galactic team, as skepticism from their home planet left the carnival's warnings of impending doom unheeded. The makers of the tech, the carnies, felt forced to find and trick brave young technical experts into embarking on this Galacticly important mission. The Carnies who have spent their lifetimes in zero gravity are unable to survive the G-forces required to Warp from Galaxy to Galaxy.

The Training

In order to save the Galaxy, students will need to learn how to design, create and code their own video game. Playtime has never been so productive!

In just 1 week, students will go through the process of creating their own game while working with A.I. to learn about coding and technology. The interaction between students and A.I. is essential in order for them to succeed in a world where A.I. will be in every part of. Understanding A.I., knowing how it works and being familiar with using it from ahnads on perspective at an early age will prepare kids for their future. Those who become comfortable with A.I., it's power and it's limitations will be well on their way to a successful, satisfying life.

  • Game Development
  • Design
  • Coding with C#
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Why Use A.I.
  • How to get the most out of A.I.
  • Unity Game Development Software
  • C# Coding
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
Training Image

Artificial Intelligence

Future Ride

There's no question that AI is revolutionizing our world at an unprecedented pace, surpassing every other technological advancement in human history. AI excels in processing vast amounts of data rapidly—from curing diseases to programming computers. Crucially for our children, AI's most powerful application lies in education. The landscape they will navigate as adults differs vastly from ours, primarily due to their instant access to knowledge—a leap forward initially sparked by Google's search capabilities. Unlike the search engines of the past that offered mere links to information, AI synthesizes data directly into comprehensible outcomes, a double-edged sword depending on its usage.

As intriguing as AI's capabilities are, they bring a challenge: discerning the accuracy of the information provided. Future adults must be adept at evaluating the reliability of data. AI allows us to not only accept its conclusions but to interrogate the underlying assumptions and the paths taken to reach them. We can explore alternatives and ask "how" and "why"—processes essential for true understanding and innovation. If we passively accept AI's answers, we risk stagnating or even regressing in our collective intelligence. Conversely, actively engaging with AI in learning processes can propel us forward more rapidly than ever before. The choice is ours, and it's crucial that we guide our children wisely, teaching them not just to seek answers but to understand the journey of discovery.

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